HD2010UC/A.Kit1 Delta Ohm, BEXP3S0X3L0A2M20IIBR E2S,  IC694ALG223 GE GE IP,  IP ,IC694ACC310 ,

Delta Ohm Vietnam HD2010UC/A.Kit1
HD2010UC/A sound level meter class 1 and octave band analyzer,
UC52/1 pre polarized condenser microphone ½”
HDSAV windscreen,
HD2010PNE2 preamplifier (HD2010PNE2W with opt. HD2010.OE)
HD2110USB cable (alternatively, on request, HD2110RS serial cable for RS232 connection),
Carrying case,
IEC 61672 and IEC 61260 manufacturer conformity declaration
E+H Vietnam Code: FTL71-EAB2BB4G7SN
Description: Level Switch 
E+H Vietnam Code: PMC71-UBA1SBMRBAZ
Description: Process pressure measurement
E+H Vietnam Code: CLS54-ACS1012     
Description: Conductivity sensor
E+H Vietnam Code: CPF81D-7LH21      
Description:pH/ORP compact electrodes
E+H Vietnam Code: CCA250-A0   
Description: Flow assembly for chlorine sensors
E+H Vietnam Code: TR11-ABACASU42000 
Description: Modular RTD assembly protection tube, thread
E+H Vietnam Code: CPS11D-7AS2C      
Description: pH electrodes
E2S Vietnam Model: BEXP3S0X3L0A2M20IIBR
E2S Vietnam Model: BEXBG15DPAC230AB1A1R/Y
Explosion Proof Beacons ; Yellow
E2S Vietnam Model:  BEXBG15DPAC230AB1A1R/B
Explosion Proof Beacons ; Blue
E2S Vietnam Model:  BEXBG15DPAC230AB1A1R/R
Explosion Proof Beacons ; Red
GE IP Viet Nam Code: IC695CHS007
7 Slot Universal Base
GE IP Viet Nam Code: IC695PSD040
RX3i 24VDC power supply, 40 watts
GE IP Viet Nam Code: IC695CPK330
GE IP Viet Nam Code: IC695ETM001
Ethernet module 10/100 Mbits 2 RJ45 connections one IP address occupies one slot on system base
GE IP Viet Nam Code: IC695RMX128
RX3i Redundant Memory
GE IP Viet Nam Code: IC694ACC310
RX3i Blank filler module
GE IP Viet Nam Code: IC695PSD140
Multipurpose Power
GE IP Viet Nam Code: IC695NIU001
RX3i NIU with two serial ports and 20K of local logic. 
GE IP Viet Nam Code: IC694MDL660
RX3i 24VDC Input Module 32 point.
GE IP Viet Nam Code: IC694MDL753
Output module, 12/24VDC POS logic, 32 points. Interface uses Fujitsu connector
GE IP Viet Nam Code: IC694ALG223
Input module, analog 16 point single ended, current
GE IP Viet Nam Code: IC695LRE001
RX3i Local Expansion Module
Occupies no system slots on base
GE IP Viet Nam Code: IC695CHS016
HANSFORD Vietnam Model: HS420-025-01-08
Industrial Vibration Sensor 
Koehleinstrument Vietnam Part No: K25339
Copper Strip Test Tube Bath, 17 Unit, 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Copper Strip Corrosion - Test Tube Bath - Analytic - Flux Analytic
Koehleinstrument Vietnam Part No: K25080
Copper Test Strips
Koehleinstrument Vietnam Part No: 332-004-004
Test Tube
Koehleinstrument Vietnam Part No: 332-004-002
Viewing Test Tube
Koehleinstrument Vietnam Part No: K25000
Test Strip Polishing Vise
Koehleinstrument Vietnam Part No: K25100
ASTM Copper Corrosion Standard Plaque
Koehleinstrument Vietnam Part No: 380-220-001
Silicone Carbon Paper, FEPA grade, 220grit (Pk/50)
Koehleinstrument Vietnam Part No: 380-150-003
Silicone Carbide Grain, FEPA Grade, 150grit (1 lb)
Koehleinstrument Vietnam Part No: 250-000-12C
ASTM 12C Thermometer
Kwangjin Vietnam Code: KR2221 15A-Ø9
Rotary Join/ Swivel Joint
Metrix Vietnam Elec Switch 450DR-2222-0100
Electronic Vibration Switches ; Dual Trip/Analog Signal Output
MOXA Vietnam Model: NDR-120-48
120 W/2.5 A DIN-rail 48 VDC power supply, universal 90 to 264 VAC or 127 to 370 VDC input voltage, -20 to 70°C operating temperature 
MOXA Vietnam Model: EDS-G205A-4PoE
Unmanaged gigabit PoE switch with 4 PoE 10/100/1000BaseT(X) ports, 1 1000BaseT port, 0 to 60°C
MOXA Vietnam Model: CP-118U
8 Port UPCI Board, RS-232/422/485 
MOXA Vietnam Model: IEX-402-SHDSL
Managed SHDSL Ethernet Extender with 1 10/100BaseT(X) port, and 1 DSL port, -10 to 60°C operating temperature
MTS Sensor Vietnam Ordering  Code : RHM0170MD631P102
Temposonics® R-Series
MTS Sensor Vietnam Part No : 370460
M16 fermale connector (6pin), angled 
MTS Sensor Vietnam Part No: 370621
M16 male connector (6pin), angled 
MTT Instruments Vietnam Slim Plug-In Millivolt Isolator
Model: MS3703-D-04/K/JP
with Isolated Single Output 
New-Cosmos Vietnam Code: NV-100D-A12 
Panel mount type control panel(without back-up battery)
New-Cosmos Vietnam Code: NV-100D-B12
Panel mount type control panel(with back-up battery)  
New-Cosmos Vietnam Code: KS-2D
Diffusion type gas detector head 
New-Cosmos Vietnam Code: PS-2DP
Suction type gas detector 
Precision Digital/Predig  Vietnam Code: PD8-6300-7H0 FlowSensor
Product Type: Explosion-Proof Flow 
Rexroth Vietnam PN: R900208583
Directional poppet valve 
Telco Sensor Vietnam P/N: SMP 8500 MG 5
Photoelectric Sensors
Texio Vietnam Model: PW18-3ADP
DC Power Supply
Valbia Vietnam Order code : 8P05070010 + 03900280065
Description : valve art. 766000 size DN50 + PNE act SR85 + Limit Switch BOX alum act 52-270
Vecow Vietnam  Model: ECS-9000-4G700T8
(ECS-9000-4G, Pre-installed with Intel i7-6700TE, Certified DDR4 8GB RAM)
Veris Industries Vietnam Model: H800
Veris Industries | Power Monitoring & Protection
Veris Industries Vietnam Model: U001-158 All-In-One BTU Meters
Flow Transmitter