Eddy Current Displacement Sensor EZ GAP®

EZ GAP is the eddy current displacement sensor to measure the distance to iron, stainless and aluminium.

High environmentally-resistant sensor

Sensor's materials are used with SUS and PPS.
Clears the IP protection rating 67, and withstands the temperature of up to 105℃(Option:130℃).
Proves the sensor's ability under the poor environment


Easy calibration setting

The corrected points can be set from 2 to 11 points freely at your desired sensor position. As the number of corrected point increases, The linearity 
errors become smaller.(linearity error :±0.15% F.S.)
The nonmagnetic metal (SUS 304, A5052) object also can be detected by the sensor.

Reducing the temperature drift

The temperature drift is less than ±0.015% F.S./℃ by the temperature drift adjustment function.

(within a range less than a half of the rated detection range)

Temperature measuring function

The temperature at the sensor head can be monitored.
This function makes soundness of the sensor check , so the products can stabilize the quality.