Wireless Transfer Device ABSOCOUPLER® Thermocouple data transmission type

ABSOCOUPLER Thermocoupler data transmission type is the non contact and true wireless transfer system for real-time temperature measurement of heating roll.

Measures the temperatures of the K type of thermocouple by 4CH

The thermocouple wiring is mounted on the terminal block at the data transmission 
head of the moving device, thus it is easy to plug or unplug the thermocouple. 
4-CH measurement data is transferred from moving device to fixing device without 
contact, and the analogue signals output from the amplifier of the fixing device.

Hollow-shaft design concept

The data transmission head can be directly mounted to the shaft of the heating roll.

Compact design concept

The data transmission head is easy to mount on the equipment 
because the data transmission head of the fixing device is put at 
near the moving device head. The roll can be replaced without removing 
the data transmission head of the data transmission.

Diagnosis function

The temperature each sensor's CH, the temperature inside of 
the moving device, and the operation state of non-contact 
communication can be monitored by the amplifier's panel of the fixing device. 
In addition, an error state can be detected and output by the contact point.