Wireless Transfer Device ABSOCOUPLER® Power transmission type

ABSOCOUPLER transfers the data and power between converter of the fixing device and moving device by the contact-free data-transmission system.
Because of the magnetic materials and coils which comprise the interior of 
transmission heads, the transmission heads make magnetic coupling between sides of fixing and moving devices.
The power and data signals are transferred by sending "AC signals" to the part that has the magnetic coupling.
Best solution for the replacement of slip-ring.

Non-contact data transfer

The power and data are transferred between fixing and moving devices by using the data transmission head without contact.
The data can be transferred even though glass,resin, or non-metal material are between transmission heads.
NSD has several kinds of heads according to your purpose.

Suppying the power

The converter's power of the moving device is supplied from the converter for fixing device by using data transmission head. 
In addition, the power can be supplied to the external devices (solenoid, PLC, or analog sensor) which are used at mobile station 

Switch signal (ON/OFF) transmission

Up/ down: each 24-point (Up (low power type: 16-point)) The signals can independently be transferred bi-directionally.

Analogue signal transmission

The analogue signals can be transferred by 2-channel from the fixing and moving devices side.

Environment resistance

Since the semiconductors (ICs) aren't used in the transmission head, the structure has environment resistance.